Loud Park

2016/10/9 Dark Funeral @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

EXTREME STAGE 01. Unchain My Soul02. 666 Voices Inside03. Ravenna Strigoi Mortii04. The Arrival of Satan's Empire05. Atrum Regina06. As One We Shall Conquer07. Stigmata08. Nail Them to the Cross09. My Funeral10. Where Shadows Forever Reign

2016/10/9 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

ULTIMATE STAGE 01. Phlying Pharaoh02. I Would If I Could but I Can't03. Waterline04. Barbedwired Baby's Dream05. Find My Way06. Forward in Reverse07. Brainless08. Rotator09. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City(Whitesnake) 〜 Silverfla…

2016/10/9 Killswitch Engage @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

BIG ROCK STAGE 01. My Curse02. Strength of the Mind03. Beyond the Flames04. Rose of Sharyn05. Alone I Stand06. The New Awakening07. Hate by Design08. Always09. My Last Serenade10. This is Absolution11. The End of Heartache12. In Due Time

2016/10/9 Riot @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

BIG ROCK STAGE 『Fire Down Under』01. Swords and Tequila02. Fire Down Under03. Feel the Same04. Outlaw05. Don't Bring Me Down06. Don't Hold Back07. Altar of the King08. No Lies09. Run for Your Life10. Flashbacks11. Ride Hard Live Free12. T…

2016/10/8 Dokken @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

ULTIMATE STAGE 01. Kiss of Death02. The Hunter03. Dream Warriors04. Don’t Close Your Eyes05. When Heaven Comes Down06. Breaking the Chains07. Into the Fire08. Alone Again09. Mr. Scary10. It’s Not Love11. In My Dreams12. Tooth and Nail

2016/10/8 Children Of Bodom @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

BIG ROCK STAGE 01. Silent Night, Bodom Night02. In Your Face03. Trashed, Lost & Strungout04. Scream for Silence05. Follow the Reaper06. Needled 24/707. Morrigan08. Hate Me!09. Everytime I Die10. I Worship Chaos11. Angels Don’t Kill12. Chil…

2016/10/8 Exodus @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

BIG ROCK STAGE 01. The Ballad of Leonard and Charles02. Blood In, Blood Out03. And Then There Were None04. Body Harvest05. A Lesson in Violence06. Blacklist07. Bonded by Blood08. The Toxic Waltz09. Strike of the Beast

2016/10/8 Masterplan @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

KINGDOM STAGE 01. Enlighten Me02. Spirit Never Die03. Keep Your Dream Alive04. Kind Hearted Light05. Soulburn06. The Chance(Helloween)07. Heroes08. Crawling From Hell

2016/10/8 Candlemass @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

ULTIMATE STAGE 01. Mirror Mirror02. The Dying Illusion03. A Cry from the Crypt04. Emperor of the Void05. At the Gallows End06. Crystal Ball07. Solitude

2016/10/8 Myrath @ LOUD PARK 16 セットリスト

BIG ROCK STAGE 01. Jasmin02. Believer03. Get Your Freedom Back04. Storm of Lies05. Nobody's Lives06. Merciless Times07. Beyond the Stars

2015/10/11 MEGADETH @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Hanger 182. Kingmaker3. Wake Up Dead4. In My Darkest Hour5. Sweating Bullets6. She-Wolf7. Public Enemy No.18. Tornado of Souls9. Trust10. A Tout Le Monde11. Cold Sweat(Thin Lizzy)12. Symphony of Destruction13. Peace Sells14. Holy Wars…

2015/10/10 ARCH ENEMY @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

-Khaos Overture -1. Yesterday is Dead and Gone2. Burning Angel3. War Eternal4. Ravenous5. Stolen Life6. Bury Me an Angel(with Vo. Johan Liiva、Gt. Christopher Amott)7. The Immortal(with Vo. Johan Liiva、Gt. Christopher Amott)8. As the …

2015/10/11 DRAGONFORCE @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Tomorrow's Kings2. Heroes of Our Time3. Three Hammers4. The Game5. Give Me the Night6. Symphony of the Night 7. My Spirit Will Go On8. Through the Fire and Flames9. Valley of the Damned

2015/10/11 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Mindgasm(新曲)2. Waterline3. Barbedwired Baby's Dream4. Find My Way5. Rotater6. I Would If I Could But I Can't(新曲)7. Made To Believe(新曲)8. Silverflame9. Thorn in My Pride10. 67 Seas in Your Eyes11. Glory

2015/10/11 AT THE GATES @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

01. Death and the Labyrinth02. Slaughter of the Soul03. Cold04. At War With Reality05. The Swarm06. The Circular Ruins07. Under a Serpent Sun08. Heroes and Tombs09. World of Lies10. City of Mirrors11. Suicide Nation12. Kingdom Gone13. The …

2015/10/11 SABATON @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Ghost Division2. To Hell And Back3. Carolus Rex4. Swedish Pagans5. Resist and Bite6. The Art of War7. Night Witches8. Primo Victoria9. Metal Crue

2015/10/11 DARK TRANQUILLITY @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. The Science of Noise2. White Noise / Black Silence3. The Treason Wall4. Through Smudged Lenses5. State of Trust6. ThereIn7. Monochromatic Stains8. Terminus(Where Death Is Most Alive)9. Lethe10. Final Resistance11. Misery's Crown

2015/10/11 Pretty Maids @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Mother of All Lies2. Nuclear Boomerang3. Back To Back4. Little Drops of Heaven5. Pandemonium6. I.N.V.U.7. Please Don't Leave Me8. Future World

2015/10/11 GYZE @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Black Bride2. In Grief3. Final Revenge4. Desire

2015/10/10 SLAYER @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Repentless2. Postmortem3. Hate Worldwide4. Disciple5. War Ensemble6. When the Stillness Comes7. Implode8. Mandatory Suicide9. Chemical Warfare10. At Dawn They Sleep11. Hallowed Point12. Seasons in the Abyss13. Hell Awaits14. Dead Skin M…

2015/10/10 GAMMA RAY @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Avalon2. Heaven Can Wait3. Last Before the Storm4. Induction5. Dethrone Tyranny6. I Want Out(Helloween)7. The Silence8. Master of Confusion9. Somewhere Out in Space10. Land of the Free11. Send Me a Sign

2015/10/10 ANTHRAX @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. A.I.R.2. Madhouse3. Caught in a Mosh4. Got the Time5. Antisocial6. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't7. In the End8. I'm the Man9. Indians10. Among the Living

2015/10/10 HAMMERFALL @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Hector's Hymn2. Last Man Standing3. Any Means Necessary4. Let the Hammer Fall5. Blood Bound6. Renegade7. Bushido8. Hearts on Fire

2015/10/10 TESTAMENT @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Over the Wall2. Rise Up3. More Than Meets the Eye4. Into the Pit5. Practice What You Preach6. The New Order7. Souls of Black8. D.N.R.(Do Not Resuscitate)9. 3 Days in Darkness10. Disciples of the Watch

2015/10/10 ANTHEM @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Steeler2. Bound To Break3. Immortal Bind4. Pain5. Shine On6. Gypsy Ways(Win, Lose or Draw)7. Headstrong8. Venom Strike9. Onslaught

2015/10/10 ALL THAT REMAINS @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. This Probably Won't End Well2. Stand Up3. Now Let Them Tremble4. For We Are Many5. The Air That I Breathe6. Hold On7. No Knock8. Six9. What If I Was Nothing?10. This Calling11. Two Weeks

2015/10/10 GOJIRA @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト

1. Oroborus2. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe3. Backbone4. Love / Remembrance5. Flying Whales6. L'Enfant Sauvage7. Vacuity

2015/10/10 GALNERYUS @ LOUD PARK 15 セットリスト